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Eliminating sex trafficking
and empowering those
affected by the sex trade
industry to live free,
abundant lives.

LIFE 107 of
Western North Carolina

Life 107 works to eliminate sex trafficking and empower those affected by the sex trade industry to live free, abundant lives.

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If something doesn’t feel right, it isn’t.   Pink Flags are signs that let us know “Something isn’t quite right.”  

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Gen Z Safeguard Initiative

Lets start the conversation to safeguard Gen Z from trafficking, sexual exploitation, and pornography! Life 107 has developed a resource to do just that!

Learn About Our Safeguard Initiative Here

The Simply Complex Issue of Trafficking

From the outside looking in, sex trafficking might seem simple, but the lives of trafficked survivors tell a different story. Sex trafficking is the exchange of any sex act for anything of value, by anyone under the age of 18 or the use of Force, fraud, and coercion for vadult victim-survivors.

Fact 1

It’s estimated there are >100,000 domestic minors trafficking victims in the US.

~ Shared Hope International

Fact 2

85% of trafficking victims/survivors were abused as children.

–  World Without Exploitation

Fact 3

40% of trafficked survivors were victims of familial trafficking, when a family member exchanges a child for gain or profit.

– Polaris Project

Anti-Trafficking Education

Our trainings for community groups, schools, clinics, EMT staff, hotels, and worship centers shed light on the realities of trafficking and equip participants to prevent, recognize, and respond to trafficking.


Empowering Survivors

Empowering survivors gives them a platform to reach out for recovery if and when they are ready. We post Hotline stickers on bathroom mirrors in establishments and provide Anchor LIfe Kits for at risk persons — providing a channel for hope and recovery.


Restorative Care and Provisions for Survivors

We offer survivors restoration through case management, resources, and trained mentors who come alongside in their journey to healing.


A Call to Action for the Faith Community


What if…

the faith community has a call, and yet an obligation, to help those in difficult places. So what if we did just that?


What if…

the faith community fulfilled God’s command through Christ, by loving His people and showing compassion… no matter what?


What if…

we were bold enough to talk about sexual exploitation in the place most equipped to bring hope those affected by it?

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Phone: 1.866.272.5209

[If you are being forced or pressured to commit sex acts - REACH OUT. National Human Trafficking Hotline 888-373-7888 or locally to Life 107 at 866-272-5209.]