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Prayer is the lifeline of Life 107. You can partner with us in prayer for our project and those affected by sexual exploitation.

Our model of prayer for Life 107 is the HALO Model:


 HALO  ] Model of LIFE 107

 H eart preparation (for recovery) of those experiencing sexual exploitation and heart change for those exploiting in the sex trade industry.

 A rmor for victims/survivors – safety in their day, guarding of their faith, and protection from the Adversary.

– ife 107 Ministries: Divine guidance and obedience in God’s purpose, along with the full capacity and funding to complete God’s work with boldness, unity, and purity. Board of Directors, Executive Director (Demetria), President (Kathy), and volunteers.

– pportunity to reach those in the sex trade industry and bring restoration and renewal through the hope of Christ, Jesus.

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