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Pink flags are the first signs to let us know something...

isn’t quite right.

Pink flags are the first signs that let us know something just isn’t quite right.

10 Pink Flags: You can recognize in schools, communities, and among friends

  1. A close friend becomes distant or changes behavior drastically – has an older boyfriend and is pulling away from their normal life at home or school.
  2. A child is repeatedly running away from home or staying away from home and not disclosing their whereabouts at night.
  3. A child has new and expensive items but not the normal monetary capacity to purchase them.
  4. A home or establishment has multiple and random persons frequenting the area for no particular reason or for a reason that doesn’t check out.
  5. Someone is asking for pictures on social media or through texting.
  6. A new friend takes particular interest in you or a friend by buying expensive items, being the “perfect” partner, or attempting to alienate you/your friend from loved ones.
  7. A person seems to have no say in their daily lives – they are controlled by an older friend/boyfriend who answers for them, makes their appointments, or controls their money and ownership.
  8. Someone asks you for a favor that makes you uncomfortable – having your picture taken or being videoed, touching someone else, or performing a sexual act for someone else.
  9. Someone threatens to show a picture or video of you or a friend.
  10. A friend is particularly tired during the day, distant, sad, or missing their normal daily routine.