Board of Directors

The work of Life 107’s Board of Directors is to serve in our fullest capacity
to end sexual exploitation, within God’s purpose, and for His ultimate glory


Demetria Gilliam-Williams

MACM, Executive Director

Demetria has a Bachelor of Science in Public Health from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She has worked in public health areas of sexuality education, HIV/STI prevention, and outreach. She received her Master of Art in Christian Ministry from Liberty University in 2016 and founded Blooming by Grace Ministries in 2017, where she writes encouraging words for others to know Christ and grow in Christ. Demetria has experienced international missions in Haiti and Guatemala. She has a passion for those affected by brokenness in the sex trade industry, because broken places are a common ground for all humanity. Demetria believes that grace REALLY is what it’s all about.


Kathy Kania

MSW, ACSW, President

Kathy has a BA in Psychology from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Georgia. She is a member of the Academy of Certified Social Workers. She has held positions as a medical and psychiatric social worker, and as the Director of Social Work in a hospital setting. Kathy has participated on many local, state, and national boards such as a rape crisis board, the NC American Cancer Society, and the NC Council on Aging, with emphases such as national social health policy and legislative studies. She has been a Department of Social Services consultant, and has experience in counseling and discharge planning for hospital patients and for mental health patients including those with PTSD and addictions. Since 2011, Kathy has served Life 107 as a volunteer, Outreach Call Center Director, and Director of Life 107 Ministries.


Pat Hand

MBA, Pastor

Pat served as an evangelist for thirteen years preaching across the United States and overseas. Pat pastored in upstate New York for six years, served as the mission’s pastor of a large church in Louisiana, and is now the pastor of a church in Ontario, Canada. Pat is a graduate of Tennessee Temple University and in 2008 earned an MBA in Church Administration from California Baptist University.


Brendon Journey


Brendon Journey is the current CEO of Legacy of Hope International, dedicated to “the belief that all people are created to love, serve, and bring hope to one another in Christ Jesus.” She is honored to be considered a part of the Life 107 Board of Directors. Brendon’s heart’s desire is for all to know there is hope from depression, oppression, and abuse. She developed one of the first kid-friendly notebook curriculum’s to prevent human trafficking in Cambodia. The curriculum continues to grow and expand as fellow workers share their wisdom and update as needed. Bren’s passion is providing public health initiatives and prevention strategies. She enjoys most of all, seeing peace and hope from our Saviour take root in anyone’s life. Brendon holds a Masters Degree in Public Health from American Public University and a Bachelor of Science from Southeastern University.


David Gate

Pastor of Kingdom Asheville

David Gate and his wife Emilie lead Kingdom Asheville – a community of house churches – since 2016. They are originally from London, UK and arrived in Asheville via Belfast, NI and Jacksonville FL. David and Emilie share an immense passion for the marginalized and have worked extensively with trafficking victims and those experiencing homelessness. David is also a song-writer and studied at London School Theology. Together they have four sons and numerous animals on their homestead.


Laura-Beth Rimmer

Director of the Reshma Project

Laura-Beth is originally from the UK and has lived in the US for eleven years. She currently works with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) of Asheville and has gained insight through the Discipleship Training School, Leadership training course, and a module of the School of Biblical Studies. She has discipled multiple young women and men through YWAM and has led outreaches to nations including Thailand and India. Laura-Beth’s heart to help those in vulnerable situations began growing during her mission moments in the red light districts of Mumbai and Amsterdam. Laura-Beth is the Director and one of the Founders of The Reshma Project, which seeks to expose the darkness of sex trafficking, empower women to escape bondage, and to enrich her life with dignity.