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Board of Directors

The work of Life 107’s Board of Directors is to serve in our fullest capacity
to end sexual exploitation, within God’s purpose, and for His ultimate glory

Demetria, MACM
Executive Director

Demetria has worked against sexual exploitation since 2019 and believes in the power of grace and compassion in healing the mind, body, and spirit of trafficking survivors. She has a BS in Public Health from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and a MA in Christian Ministry from Liberty University.  She has worked in the public health areas of sexuality education, HIV/STI prevention, and outreach before founding Blooming by Grace Ministries in 2017. She has experienced international mission efforts in Haiti and Guatemala. Demetria has a passion for those affected by the sex trade industry, and believes that grace really is what it’s all about.

Joe Farris, MAHDL Board Chair
Dropping the Stones Leader

Joe is passionate about helping men break free from the bondage of unwanted sexual behaviors and live the fulfilled life God intended for them. He earned his certification to lead groups for men trapped by these behaviors through Pure Desires Ministries. He has a BS in Bible and Religion from Montreat College and a MA in Humanitarian and Disaster Leadership from Wheaton College. His heart for the most vulnerable has led him to join multiple trips to Central America and the Caribbean since 2009, providing aid such as shelter, clothing, medicine, and spiritual well-being. He advocates humanitarianism and believes everyone is made in God’s image, has dignity, is equal, and is freely offered redemption through grace.


Board Member Henderson County Liaison

Mike is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, with extensive experience in child, youth, and family therapy. He has worked in human services, providing counseling since 2013 and currently provides counseling and support to Henderson County First Responders. Mike’s background in law enforcement paired with his education and experience in clinical psychology has uniquely equipped him to facilitate healing for individuals with extensive trauma. His heart to help others navigate life and discover their self-worth is evident in his dedication to provide services to individuals and his community.

Sue Evans, MBA

Secretary & Treasurer

Sue has an MBA from Georgia State University and a BA from Baldwin Wallace College. Sue had worked in various accounting and operations roles of the corporate world, including accounting, payroll, human resources, website maintenance, and business management. As a mom of two daughters, she has a heart to help vulnerable girls and women. While attending trade shows in Las Vegas, she experienced the darkness of the sex trade industry, which left a lasting impression and created a desire to serve women caught in the trade. She strongly believes these women are precious in the sight of God and she longs to bring restoration to their lives. Sue is currently retired and enjoys traveling and spending time outdoors hiking, mountain biking, road cycling, and running.


Brendon Journey, MPH

Board Member

Brendon Journey is the CEO of Legacy of Hope International, dedicated to “the belief that all people are created to love, serve, and bring hope to one another in Christ Jesus.” Brendon’s desire is for all to know there is hope from depression, oppression, and abuse. She developed one of the first kid-friendly notebook curriculum’s to prevent human trafficking in Cambodia. The curriculum continues to grow and expand as fellow workers share their wisdom and update as needed. Bren’s passion is providing public health initiatives and prevention strategies. She enjoys most of all, seeing peace and hope from our Saviour take root in anyone’s life. Brendon holds a Masters Degree in Public Health from American Public University and a Bachelor of Science from Southeastern University.