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Standards of Practice

Philosophy of Practice


God’s Word

is the foundational truth and basis for the philosophy, practice, and function of Life 107 and is the final authority concerning truth, morality, and mankind.


All Souls

matter to the Maker (God) and have the human right to freedom; no matter who or where they are. Humans should not be bought, abused, or coerced into sex acts.



encompass a mind, body, and spirit, which are all affected by sexual exploitation. Life 107 utilizes a holistic approach of service to restore victim-survivors to their fullest capacity for an abundant life.


In God’s

mercy and grace, He sees and responds to humans within a client-centered and trauma-informed perspective; therefore, victims/survivors will be met with client-centered, trauma-informed care.



is welcome in the Kingdom of God; therefore, all people within our scope of service will be afforded love, grace, compassion, resources, and nonjudgement, regardless of any secular identifying factor, including but not limited to, race/culture, ability/disability, lifestyle, sexual identity, gender identity, or faith/belief system.


As Followers of Christ

and fellow humans, we are called to liberate the broken; therefore, we are called to reach those affected by sexual exploitation and offer life abundant in Christ.


We Are Called

to love God, love others and do unto others as Christ has done unto us.



awareness, education, outreach, mentorships, and prayer are valid areas of service and care to communities, which aim to cease sexual exploitation and restore lives affected by the sex trade industry.


Life 107

is composed of a variety of people with various cultural and spiritual convictions. We are committed to working together with a common purpose, using this valuable composition of traditional and contemporary views and spiritual customs, while valuing the views/customs of others.