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Promote Awareness

NHTRC hotlineVolunteer to distribute and post awareness materials in various locations around Western NC. Posting signs, posters, cards and other information in public places can help to educate the public about how to identify a potential victim and how to report it. Materials also can assist victims to find their way to safety. We distribute posters that are available in multiple languages. Contact us  to request free materials to distribute or post.

Places to Post Flyers

  • Airports, bus stations, public libraries, rest stops, and gas stations
  • Courthouses and police stations
  • Campus libraries, university bulletin boards, local high schools, ESL classrooms, community centers and public libraries
  • Places of worship (churches, mosques, synagogues, temples, etc.)
  • Farmers markets
  • Parks and stadiums, concert halls
  • Apartment bulletin boards
  • Public restrooms
  • Business bulletin boards, business counters and break rooms
  • Malls
  • Doctor offices, health centers and clinics, reproductive health centers
  • Movie theaters
  • Grocery stores
  • Gyms
  • Coffee Houses, restaurants/dining halls, convenience stores
  • Hair and nail salons
  • Bars and liquor stores
  • Hotels/motels
  • Social Services, shelters, soup kitchens, domestic violence/sexual assault centers
  • Truck stops
  • Busy street intersections

Tips before Posting

  • Always ask courteously before posting a flyer, poster, or awareness materials!
  • Look for prominent and eye-catching locations to post the poster or materials. For example, if posting a flier in a public restroom, tape it to the bathroom stall door.
  • Use pre-existing and well-known places where information is regularly posted, such as existing public bulletin boards. Recruit campuses, communities, and faith-based leaders to promote the NHTRC.

Suggested Script

The following script can be used when approaching organizations and businesses in person.

Brief Introduction: “Hi, my name is [insert your name here].  I am raising awareness about human trafficking and the National Human Trafficking Resource Center or NHTRC, which is a 24/7 hotline serving victims of human trafficking in our community. Would you mind if I posted a flyer about this organization here at [insert business here]? Educating the public is the first step to stopping this crime and helping victims. Your support would be a big help.”

Extended Introduction: “Human trafficking is modern-day slavery. It occurs when traffickers use deception, manipulation, threats, or even violence to coerce a person into labor or commercial sex. Human trafficking occurs all over the world, including the United States, in big cities and small towns, and even here in WNC. Human trafficking victims include men, women, children, U.S. citizens and foreign nationals.  The NHTRC works to stop human trafficking by operating a 24-hour, toll-free, confidential hotline. The hotline can connect victims with law enforcement and social service providers in their area who can help them get out of exploitative situations and into safe environments where they have access to services, such as emotional support, shelter, counseling and legal services. The hotline also provides referrals, resources, general information, and training and technical assistance.”

Source: Student Engagement Toolkit (PDF)